GOOD NEWS: Teen Makes Over 800 Valentine’s For Her School

Valentine's Day

An eighth grader from Franklin MIddle School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa wanted to make sure no one at her school was left out this Valentine’s Day. Cora Johansen made more than 800 handwritten notes and put one on each and every locker at school, along with some candy.

Messages like “I hope you’re having a great 6th-grade year, Happy Valentine’s Day!” were on the cards Cora made for the entire student body. And while she didn’t get to witness the reactions from classmates first-hand, her fellow students appreciated the kind gesture.

For Cora, making a Valentine for everyone at school was just the right thing to do. “A lot of people don’t have friends or they don’t really have somebody they feel likes them or loves them,” she explains, “so I just wanted everybody to feel like they’re loved.”

Source: KCRG

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