GOOD NEWS: Hubby’s Cheap Valentine’s Gift Is A $100K Winner

Running Out of DC Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Cynthia Holmes may have felt upset about her hubby’s “cheap” Valentine’s Day present to start with, but she’s definitely over it now. Don Holmes bought his bride a Casino Riches $10 scratcher from the Iowa Lottery and the ticket turned out to be a winner.

"My husband gave me a gift of a scratch-off and I'm like, 'Oh, that's really expensive,'" Cynthia explains. ”I scratch it off. I won $100,000!”

The delighted wife says she couldn’t believe she’d actually won until they scanned her ticket at the lottery headquarters. Now she plans to pay off her car loan and her mortgage with the winnings. And hopefully do something special for her thoughtful husband who picked a winner for her.

Source: Inside Edition

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