GOOD NEWS: Man Returns Bank Bag Full Of Cash

With the state of the world today, it’s always nice to be reminded that there are still good people out there and this story is one of those reminders. When Robby Robinson found a bank bag full of money in the middle of a busy intersection in Titusville, Florida, he did the right thing and returned it.

Robinson drove the cash to the bank branch conveniently located inside the bank bag and explained to a teller what happened. The man who lost the cash was reunited with it and he had the chance to thank his good samaritan on social media. Robinson shared the story on a popular Titusville Facebook group’s page and got dozens of positive comments, including this one from Robbie Lewis, the guy who lost that money bag.

"I AM THAT SOMEONE!,” Lewis writes. “I thank you Robby for your actions. I really do appreciate it. I was a wreck over this even with my boss telling me not to worry about it." So thanks, Robby Robinson, for showing us all that honest folks are still around.

Source: USA Today

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