GOOD NEWS: Cop Who Can’t Swim Dives In Freezing Water To Save Drowning Man

Police officer Mohammed Nadeem isn’t a very good swimmer, but he didn’t hesitate to jump into the frigid swiftly-moving waters of River Irwell in the UK to save a man from drowning. He jumped the eight-feet down into the river to rescue the man and the dramatic scene was captured on his bodycam.

Nadeem was able to grab the man and bring him to the bank of the river where his fellow officers from the Greater Manchester Police Department helped pull them out. “I can’t swim,” he admits. “It was very dangerous but I had to go in … seeing this man drowning I just couldn’t wait.”

Now his superintendent says the young officer’s coworkers are calling him “The Hoff,” as a tribute to David Hasselhoff’s “Baywatch” character.

Source: Good News Network

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