GOOD NEWS: Jail Guard Thanks Inmates For Helping During Heart Attack

Texas jail guard Gary Grimm was watching prisoners in a basement holding cell at the Parker County District Courthouse when he had a massive heart attack. And instead of taking advantage of the situation by taking his gun, or taking a hostage and escaping, the inmates helped save his life.

When Grimm, 52, slumped over in a chair, the prisoners started banging on the walls and finally made enough noise deputies in the courtroom heard them and called 911. After 20-years with Texas prisons and jails, Grimm has now retired because of his heart condition, but he knows he might not be here today if the prisoners hadn’t helped him. And he thanks them for saving his life.

"I get emotional,” he admits. “If they wished harm for me, all they had to do was sit there and do nothing.”

Source: Action News Jax

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