GOOD NEWS: Rare Thank-You Letter From Einstein Found

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Historians knew about two “thank you notes” Albert Einstein wrote to people for helping Jews escape Nazi Germany, and now a third has surfaced in Chicago. Nearly 80 years after it was written on June 10, 1939, Enid Bronstein shares the letter Einstein penned to her dad, David Finck.

Finck never met Einstein, but the scientist was interested in him after learning that he paid for many members of the Jewish community to flee Nazi Germany and come to the U.S. Enid says she’s kept her father’s letter in a safe deposit box for 50 years, and has shown it to her children and grandchildren so they learn that “every contribution, no matter how small, is important.”

Similar letters have sold for thousands at auctions, but Enid decided to donate her father’s letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, so others could learn the lessons in it.

Source: WGN

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