GOOD NEWS: Teacher Runs To Send More Students To College

An Ohio teacher who’s dedicated to helping make college more manageable for her students is hitting the pavement to make it happen.Robin Hornberger says her students only have two choices when it comes to college: Go into debt to pay for their education or abandon it altogether. So she wants to give them a third option: Go to college with enough assistance to manage, with no repayment required.

So she’s vowed to run one marathon every month for the next three years. The marathons are fundraisers that help draw attention to the challenge economically disadvantaged students face when trying to better themselves though higher education. She runs with support from sponsors like Chipotle and has raised $5,000 so far in 2018, but hopes that’ll be $500,000 by the end of 2021.

"One kid at a time is slow, but if you look into the future, 20 years down the line, that's a whole classroom of kids that have parents who have gone to college," Hornberger explains. "That's pretty significant."

Source: WCPO

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