GOOD NEWS: Dad Makes Robotic Arm For Son With No Left Hand

Jamie Miller was born without a left hand, but the 10-year-old from Ireland hasn’t let that slow him down much. He says can still play PS4 better than most people, but now he’s getting to do some other things he couldn’t do before thanks to a new 3D printed limb, made by his dear old dad.

When Callum Miller started looking into robotic limbs online, he discovered a charity called Team UnLimbited, but they had an 18-month waiting list. So the dad decided to take on the project himself, using a 3D printer he bought on eBay and arm designs he downloaded from the charity.

Now Jamie can pick things up, high five his dad and even play catch with him, thanks to the DIY arm. And he’s thrilled. “I feel like a bit of a superhero. I can catch a ball, hold stuff and play games with it now,” Jamie says. “In the future I would like to learn how to make them like my dad so I can help other people who need them.”

Source: Storytrender

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