GOOD NEWS: Woman Becomes Sister’s Surrogate After Cancer Diagnosis

When she was 28 Randi Fishman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She froze 10 embryos and had a double mastectomy, with the hope she could be able to carry a child one day. But when she had a recurrence a year later in 2012, doctors feared it was related to the hormones involved in harvesting her eggs for the embryos and advised her not to carry her own children because pregnancy hormones would have been an added risk.

Luckily, this Potomac, Maryland woman has Erin Silverman for her big sister and she offered to be a surrogate for her when she was done having her own kids. In the meantime, Randi and her husband used another surrogate to have daughter Parker in 2014. And in December, Erin gave birth to her sister and brother-in-law’s second daughter, Austyn Harli.

“I just feel so lucky, I’m going to cry,” says Randi. “Going through a couple years of so much, it’s literally the best gift anyone could have given me and for it to be my sister is that much more amazing, it was all worth it in the end.”

Source: People

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