GOOD NEWS: High School Swimmer Honored For Saving Opponent

Swim Trials

A Michigan teen who helped save a fellow student’s life at a swim meet is being honored for his bravery and courage. Xavier Staubs, a freshman swimmer for Corunna High School was competing in a meet against a rival school when one of their swimmers started to drown.

“I look down in the water and I just see him completely limp, floating to the bottom of the pool,” Staubs explains. “I just dove underneath, the chlorine burned my eyes. Clawed my way to him and pulled him up.”

Thanks to Staub’s quick reaction, Kamrin Samson’s life was saved during the 200-meter relay. His school has recognized his heroic actions and he’s even been recognized by his Congressman. But no one is as proud as Staub’s mom, Jillian, who says she’s overjoyed her 15-year-old could save someone’s life.

Source: WNEM

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