GOOD NEWS: Woman Takes Down Confederate Flag And Apologizes

Supporters Of Confederate Flag Rally At SC Statehouse

She once vowed she’d die before taking down the Confederate battle flag flying over her home in a mostly black South Carolina community, but Annie Caddell has had a change of heart. After a recent heart attack and triple bypass surgery, she’s no longer flying the flag over her Brownsville home.

"There comes a time and a place where things need to be set aside for the betterment of others," explains Caddell. "I can still honor my relatives that died in the Civil War without flying the flag."

Caddell says she started “reflecting on every choice that I’ve made” and has even apologized to anyone she’s offended with the confederate flag. And that’s a lot of people - they’ve signed petitions asking the town to step in, and even built an eight-foot wooden fence around the sides of her home to block the view, but now the battle is over.

Source: Post and Courier

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