GOOD NEWS: Family Hides Cash In Books To Honor Late Grandma

Every year for Christmas, Barbara Longova would take her grandkids shopping at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and let them choose their present. And after she died suddenly in 2015, her family wanted to find a way to honor and remember her by keeping the tradition going.

So every year since, the family makes its annual shopping trip to Browseabout Books, where they hide $5 and a note. “Please accept this gift in loving memory of our grandmother who would take us to buy books of our choosing every Christmas,” it reads. “She instilled in us a love of reading. Use this money towards a new book purchase.”

Some lucky readers who’ve found the money have shared photos on social media and said how touched they were. And an employee at the bookstore says almost everyone who finds the money chooses to put it in another book in the store, instead of using it for themselves. This grandmother would probably be happy to know folks are paying it forward for other readers all because of her.

Source: Today

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