GOOD NEWS: Woman Stops Kidnapping By Pretending To Be Kid’s Mom

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Thanks to a quick-thinking mom, a potential kidnapping was stopped. Amy Martinez, 12, was walking to school in Santa Ana, California when a woman she describes as “homeless looking” came over and grabbed her in a bear hug and started to take her away from the school building.

Amy tried to fight her off and escape, but she was too small to resist. Eventually the commotion caught the attention of a mother who had just dropped her child off at school and sensed that something wasn’t right with what she saw. So this good samaritan confronted the potential kidnapper and said she was Amy’s mom and demanded the girl be released.

The kind stranger then took Amy to school and called the police. Amy calls this anonymous woman her hero, explaining, “I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to live.’”

Source: Good News Network

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