Oscar gifts bags come with Pepper Spray! #MeToo

I LOVE the Oscars and the movies that take my breath away but I didn't expect to find Pepper Spray in the gift bags worth $100,000.  Women had BETTER win some awards this year!~Karla 

Academy Award nominees this year will find a can of pepper spray in their Oscar goody bag. The gift bags are given to Oscar nominees each year by companies looking to promote their products, and usually contain luxury items like jewelry, cosmetics and plane tickets.

This year's Oscar gift bag also includes a key ring-sized pepper spray, a gel pepper spray, two personal body alarms and a kit that tells you if your drink has been drugged.

The company that makes the safety products told "Yahoo" that it's lending a helping hand in the MeToo movement by offering products aimed at the "harassment culture" that's pervasive in the entertainment industry. The Oscars – and the pepper spray – will be handed out on Sunday. As for what else is in the swag bag, which is valued at about $100-thousand, it includes:

Source: Fortune

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