GOOD NEWS: DNA Test Helps Woman Abandoned As Baby Find Family

Thanks to an online DNA kit, a woman is finally starting to put together the pieces of her past and has finally met some long-lost family members. Toni DiPina was only nine-months-old when she was abandoned in a St. Louis parking lot in May 1963 and she spent years trying to find out about her past.

But DiPina didn’t know her real birthday or her birth name - a social worker gave her the name Antoinette Baker and doctors made up a birth date based on her size. But after taking an online DNA test, she found a second cousin, Ryne Awkard. Eventually his mom took the DNA test and she turned out to be DiPina’s first cousin.

The women recently met at the St. Louis Airport and they’re working on figuring out which of Awkard’s aunts or uncles was DiPina’s parent. They’re also hoping more family members get tested to help them get answers.

Source: Fox 13 Memphis

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