GOOD NEWS: Musher Saves Sled Dog With CPR

During the CopperDog 150 sled dog race in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a musher used his emergency medical training to save a choking dog. Anny Malo’s team from Quebec came in second and she shared the story about the scary moment at the race awards banquet.

Malo says she was about 25 miles into the first leg of the 150-mile race when one of her dogs stopped breathing. She thinks he tried to grab a bite of snow and got an ice chunk caught in his throat. Malo was trying to save the dog when another competitor saw the situation and offered assistance.

Frank Moe, of Minnesota, used his EMT skills to blow air into the dog’s nose, reviving him. The dog rode safely in Malo’s bag for the rest of that leg of the race. And Moe got a standing ovation along with the Good Sportsman Award for saving his competitor’s dog.

Source: MLive

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