GOOD NEWS: Head Chef Chases & Tackles Purse Snatcher

When a chef at a Cape Coral, Florida restaurant saw a customer’s purse get snatched, he chased down the robber and tackled him until police arrived. Andres Arroyo is the head chef at Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery and he’s in the kitchen most of the time, but after he saw the woman get robbed, he ran to help.

Arroyo and a friend followed the thief on foot at first, then they jumped into a car to follow him. When he spotted the robber hiding behind a truck with the woman’s phone and cash in his hand, the chef jumped out and ran after him again. He tackled him and put him in a headlock until police got there.

And the woman was extremely grateful to Arroyo. “She bought me a couple of shots and a couple beers, and we were just having a blast in the back talking,” he says. “Feels good to do a good deed for somebody.”

Source: WPTV

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