GOOD NEWS: Company Will Pay Drunk Man’s $1600 Uber Fare

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After having one too many in West Virginia, a drunken man from New Jersey took an Uber home instead of getting behind the wheel. Kenny Bachman made the right choice not to drive, but he passed out in the car and instead of getting a ride to the house in West Virginia where he was staying, he woke up two hours into the 300-mile trip to his home in Gloucester County.

As you can imagine, inter-state Uber rides are pricey and this one was $1,635! But thanks to a random food delivery company, he’s not going to have to pay it.

Jamie Giovinazzo, founder of Eat Clean Bro in New Jersey has offered for his company to cover the Uber bill as a thank you for choosing not to drive drunk. He says Bachman helped keep the road safe for other drivers and now he’s rewarding him for it.

Source: Fox Atlanta

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