GOOD NEWS: She’s Donating A Kidney To A Stranger She Met On Facebook

In two weeks, Jennen Johnson is getting a life-saving kidney transplant and the organ comes from a woman she met thanks to a desperate Facebook post. The 42-year-old Toronto mother was only expected to survive another four years without a transplant, but the waiting list for a kidney was eight years.

So she ran an ad in a magazine looking for a donor and that story made its way to social media, where Christi Nolan saw it. She had never met Johnson, but knew right away she wanted to help and testing confirmed she is a match. Nolan, a yoga instructor who has traveled around the world doing humanitarian work, doesn’t think her good deed is that big of a deal, but Johnson calls her an “angel on Earth.”

"She's a selfless person and she doesn't feel like she's doing anything extraordinary," Johnson says. "She's such a humble human being."

Source: The Hamilton Spectator

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