GOOD NEWS: Car Falls On Man, Nine-Year-Old Saves Him

While Allen Clemmons was working on his Mustang in his Sumter, South Carolina backyard, the car slid off the jack holding it up as he tried to remove the transmission. Clemmons shouted for help for more than an hour, but no one showed up.

Clemmons says he was having a really hard time breathing with a car on him, so he prayed to be able to let out “one more holler” before he gave up. And when he yelled, his nine-year-old neighbor Malachi came running over to help. Once the boy got close enough to see what happened, he grabbed a jack and with guidance from Clemmons, he pumped it up to get the car off.

Malachi ran for help once the car was back on the jack and Clemmons was airlifted to a nearby hospital for his injuries. He suffered broken ribs and a fractured pelvis, but he knows without his young neighbor, it could’ve been so much worse. “I don’t think I would’ve survived another 30 minutes,” Clemmons admits. “He truly is my guardian angel.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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