GOOD NEWS: Girl Uses Scavenger Hunt To Ask Stepdad To Adopt Her

A nine-year-old girl and her mom came up with a creative way to ask her stepfather to adopt her. Jacob Thrasher has known Aeralyn since he started dating her mom Jerica and the tot was just two years old. He’s been a positive part of the now nine-year-old’s life since. So when she asked her mom if her stepdad could officially adopt her, they got to work.

The mother-daughter duo from Illinois created a scavenger hunt for Jacob with clues leading him from their home to spots around town. Jerica visited a lawyer to get the adoption petition drawn up and the last clue led Jacob to the steps of the courthouse, where Aeralyn waited for him.

“Thank you for being the dad you didn’t have to be,” her letter to Jacob reads. “My daddy is the best dad,” she told him before handing him the adoption papers. “He ran to me, not away from me.”

Source: People

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