GOOD NEWS: Runners Rescue Litter Of Puppies From Freezing Temps


Ashley Blake and Joshua Scott set out on a cross-country run next to a wooded trail in Tennessee and ended up saving five puppies who they discovered abandoned in the frigid weather. The pair heard a rustle in the woods and when they went to investigate, they found a puddle of five black puppies, huddled together trying to stay warm in near-freezing temperatures.

The area where they were running through Frozen Head State Park is remote and has become a drop off place people leave animals behind, but these little pups were lucky to be alive after being deserted in the cold with no blanket or water. They warmed the puppies, called park officials and made sure they were safe before carrying on with their run.

But they couldn’t stop thinking about those puppies they saved during their “true animal rescue.” Scott even adopted one of them, naming him Barkley. And his siblings will be available for adoption soon from Tennessee's Oak Ridge Animal Shelter.

Source: The Dodo

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