GOOD NEWS: “Angel-Eye” Cameras Keep NICU Families Connected

Parents of a NICU baby want to be at their infant’s side in the hospital every minute, but when those days turn into weeks, it’s practically impossible to be there all the time. But a device called the Angel Eye camera is pretty much the next best thing.

The camera was developed by a team of doctors at the University of Arkansas and it helps ease the pain of separation for parents who have to go home or back to work while their baby is still in the NICU. The camera is on the bed, so mom and dad can see their little one on screen until they can be back in person.

“When you have a baby that is making it minute by minute and then day by day, you know your mind is just there,” shares Rachael Swaty, a NICU mom. She says the Angel Eye camera eliminated a lot of stress about what was happening with her baby while she couldn’t be there. “It was just a way to check on her without getting into all the fears, and test results, and the stress.”

Source: Babble

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