GOOD NEWS: How Toronto Buildings Are Saving Birds

Glass buildings are a lovely feature of modern architecture, but they’re also dangerous for the millions of birds who fly into windows every year. But one city in Canada is showing the rest of the world how to protect birds from the perils of glass.

Back in 2009, Toronto became the first city in the world to mandate bird-friendly buildings, which means structures had to incorporate features to keep birds from accidentally flying into the glass. For one thing, buildings can no longer be built in the city with excessive glass paneling because the surface’s reflections trick birds and a lot of that glass uses a pattern that makes it visible to avian eyes.

City buildings also turn off their lights at night since birds can be drawn to bright spots in the sky. The Fatal Light Awareness Program, a charity dedicated to saving birds from the dangers of reflective city glass who worked with the city on the improvements says the birds of Toronto are eternally grateful.

Source: Good News Network

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