GOOD NEWS: Stolen Bike Spurs Acts Of Kindness

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When Amanda Needham’s bicycle was stolen from outside her New York City home, she made a huge sign calling out the thief. “I hope you need it more than I do,” it read. “It cost $200 and I need it to get to work. Please bring it back.”

The bike never showed back up, but during the week the sign was hanging outside, some very cool things happened because of it. A couple guys gave her a kid’s mountain bike, in case she could use it. A young woman stopped by to see if she could help and give Amanda a hug. And someone paid her $200 for her sign, because he knew that’s how much she needed for a bike.

All that kindness inspired Amanda so much, she took the kid’s bike to her local bike shop to tune it up for someone else. The bike shop owner offered to do it for free and now the two are working together to inspire more small acts of kindness. They’re calling their movement “Karmacycle” - the chance to take something bad and make it good.

Source: CBS New York

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