GOOD NEWS: Docs Said Girl Was Paralyzed, But She Climbs And Dances

When Seattle Lennox was 15-months-old, she caught a cold and developed Transverse Myelitis, a disorder that causes inflammation on both sides of the spinal cord. Doctors were afraid she wouldn’t survive the attack, and thought the best-case scenario for the baby girl was paralysis from the skull down.

Seattle did lose her ability to walk, but after years of therapy, the now nine-year-old girl from British Columbia, Canada is now defying docs by getting out of her wheelchair to run, dance, swim, and even rock-climb. She’s inspired by her siblings and pushes herself to do anything other kids can do, despite her low muscle function and debilitating fatigue.

“The doctors still stare in amazement every time they see her,” Seattle’s mom, Lindsay, explains. “She’s willing to try anything. She’s just so determined, that’s how she’s been able to do all of this.”

Source: MSN

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