GOOD NEWS: “Little Boxes” Filled With Socks And Goodwill

Last year when Marty Hornick hung his first small wooden box in Burlington, Vermont, he thought it would “fly under the radar.” But the appropriately named “Little Boxes” got lots of attention because they’re filled with free clothing, food, and information for the homeless, along with pencils and paper, in case people want to write a note back.

Hornick now has five Little Boxes around the city and they hold everything from sweatshirts, hats, cans of food, and personal hygiene items, free for the taking for anyone in need. Local churches, mosques, and synagogues and members of the community help keep them stocked.

The notes he gets back are 99% thank yous, Hornick says, but he does get the occasional note asking for new socks or a coat. And every once in a while, someone asks for a beer. But hey, you never know unless you ask, right?

Source: Seven Days Vermont

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