GOOD NEWS: Veterinarian Helps Pets Living On The Streets

People living in shelters or on the streets of Fort Collins, Colorado with their pets are lucky to have Dr. John Geller. The veterinarian volunteers at a community center every Tuesday, seeing cats and dogs who need checkups or shots as part of the Street Dog Coalition, which provides the vet care for free.

Dr.Geller recognizes that these pets give their owners a purpose and reason to live, so he wants to help them get the care they need. And he recognizes what the homeless have to give up to have a pet.

“They’re giving up access to shelters, to transportation. Those are barriers to getting a job or keeping a job,” Geller explains. “For every homeless person who has no incentive to get up in the morning because no one cares, they get up to take care of the dog. Helping homeless pets can help save their owners’ lives.”

Source: MSN

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