GOOD NEWS: Kid’s Plea For A Puppy Goes Viral And Works

Journalist Brendan Greely’s daughter has been paying attention. When she wanted to get her dad to pay attention to her request, she wrote it in huge letters above the headline of his newspaper. So when he opened it up, he saw “CAN I PLEASE GET A PUPPY?! A real one!”

“Having studied my habits and preferences, my daughter hacked my attention this morning for her personal agenda,” he tweeted. That post was retweeted by 12,000 people, including author J.K. Rowling. And all that attention helped dear old dad give in to his little girl’s request.

So he caved to what he calls his daughter’s “three-month campaign” to get a puppy and she already knows what kind of dog she wants: a husky. “She’s the Internet star,” the dad jokes. “I guess she gets what she wants.”

Source: Today

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