GOOD NEWS: NYPD Cops Buy Gloves For Kids Having Snowball Fight

You can’t play in the snow without proper winter gloves, so after spotting a group of youngsters having a snowball fight while wearing rubber surgical gloves and socks on their hands, three NYPD officers bought them good gloves. Detective Kaz Daughtry, Officer John Dorrejo andOfficer Richard Russo were out on patrol during the nor’easter and took a break to play with the kids in the snow.

The kids beat the trio of officers by a landslide in the snowball fight, even though the little ones didn’t have on the right protection for their hands. So after the loss, the officers treated the whole group of kids to a new pair of gloves.

“The kids were happy - the moms were grateful,” Russo says. “It was priceless. They were all so happy.”

Source: Inside Edition

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