GOOD NEWS: Teacher Who Drew Diagrams To Teach Computers Inspires Tech Gift

Even though his school in Ghana has no computers, Owura Kwadwo Hottish teaches his middle school students about computer science - he just does it by drawing detailed diagrams on the chalkboard. To Hottish, it’s no big deal, he’s been teaching this way for the last six years and schools in the area rarely have actual computers. But the educator started getting a lot of attention for his methods after he posted photos of his drawings on Facebook that went viral.

The accurate Microsoft Office depictions caught the attention of Microsoft, and the tech company flew Hottish to an international educators’ conference, where he spoke to school leaders from 91 countries and received a standing ovation. And the best part? Microsoft is working with local organizations to provide the school with an entire computer lab. Hottish will also get access to the Microsoft Certified Educator Program for professional development.

“Something very positive has come out of this and I am very happy,” says Hottish. “We are no longer going to use the chalkboard again. We will have computers.”

Source: Good News Network

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