GOOD NEWS: Bakery Replaces Stolen iPad For Nonverbal Boy

When three-year-old Hunter Jerrier’s iPad was accidentally left at a bakery, someone stole it within minutes. But this wasn’t just an expensive lesson that meant the tot couldn’t watch Netflix, Hunter has Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome and he’s nonverbal, so he uses the iPad to speak. The tablet is loaded with special programs that help the boy communicate his wants and needs.

When his family realized they’d left the iPad at White’s Bakery in Brockton, Massachusetts, they felt terrible. Hunter’s dad Brian says he felt like he let his son down because it’s the only way he can communicate with them. But less than 24-hours after the iPad theft, the manager from the bakery called and offered to replace it for Hunter.

Hunter’s parents appreciate the generous offer from White’s Bakery. Hunter’s mom, Amanda, says, “There are still good people out there that, in a really crummy situation, made it easier for him, easier for us, and did it so quickly.”

Source: AJC

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