UFO spotted by pilots in AZ

Two pilots say they saw a UFO over Arizona. Actually, it happened back on February 24th, but the FAA has only recently released the audio associated with the sighting. As the story goes, a Learjet pilot reported to air traffic control that he saw an object flying at 40-thousand feet with a big reflection near Albuquerque.

He advised officials asking if there was anything had “passed above them.” They replied in the negativ e. Controllers then asked an American Airlines pilot in the area if they could get a visual on anything out of the ordinary – the pilot said he did.The pilot was asked if he thought it could be a weather balloon, but he didn't think that was the case.

Neither pilot thought it was a weather balloon, but also felt it wasn't an airplane. No other aircraft were reported in the area, but it is possible it could have been a weather balloon since they aren't required to be reported to the FAA. Beyond that, there are suggestions that it could have been some kind of secret military aircraft. Listen to the full exchange on the right (as well as selected clips).

Source: The Drive

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