GOOD NEWS: Pope Takes Boy With Down Syndrome For A Spin In The Popemobile

Peter Lombardi really wanted to meet the Pope and to be kissed by “that man in white,” as he described him. And now the 12-year-old, who has Down syndrome and has beaten cancer, finally got his wish. While traveling to Italy, he met the Pope and even got to go for a spin with him in the Popemobile.

The Lombardis got the chance to be in the front row at Wednesday’s weekly general audience with His Holiness thanks to a connection their tour guide made. The Pope noticed Pete and had his security guards bring him over, then he kissed the boy on the forehead and told the guards to bring him around to the back to catch a ride in the Popemobile.

"I just stood there in shock and then I started crying," Pete’s mom, Brenda explains. "Lord, you never stop surprising us.”

Source: Inside Edition

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