GOOD NEWS: Senior Couple Remarries 50 Years After Divorce

It’s been more than 50 years since Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes got divorced. They had married in 1955, had five kids, and called it quits back in 1967. But now the couple is tying the knot once again.

Harold says their split was his fault because he worked too much and left Lillian, now 78, to care for the kids and take care of the house. So they went their separate ways and remarried, but after both of their spouses died a few years ago, they rekindled their romance at a family reunion.

So why get hitched again after all this time? As Holland, 83, explains, “We decided we want to walk the last mile together.” Their grandson, a minister in New Orleans, is going to perform the ceremony April 14. And Harold says, “I don’t think we ever lost that love, to tell you the truth.”

Source: People

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