Don't name your baby THIS

Picking a name for your baby isn’t easy and certain things can ruin a perfectly good name and take it out of the running forever. For example, you’re probably not going to name your new bundle of joy after your worst roommate ever, the worst kid in your elementary school class, or your ex.

But according to a new survey from parenting site ChannelMum, some names that were once pretty popular are now no-nos because of negative cultural associations. Case in point: Alexa. It was one of the most popular girls’ names in 2016, but thanks to Amazon’s virtual assistant, no one wants to name their daughter after a device now.

These are some other once-popular names new parents are passing over these days.

Girls' names:

  • Alexa – because of Amazon's Alexa.
  • Felicia – because of the “Bye, Felicia” meme.
  • Kate – because people still love Kate Middleton, but now they’re obsessed with Meghan Markle.
  • Scarlett – because parents prefer other colors today, like Violet.
  • Lauren – because so many reality TV stars have the name, apparently.

Boys’ names:

  • Stan – because of the hashtag #Stan, which stands for 'stalker fan' in the world of Twitter
  • Harvey – because of Harvey Weinstein, naturally.
  • Christian – because of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and some consider it too religious.
  • Ryan – because of Irish budget airline, Ryanair
  • Ollie – because it’s the name of a dog food brand caught up in a YouTube challenge where humans ate dog food and no one wants to name their baby after that.

Source: MamaMia

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