GOOD NEWS: Human Chain Saves Four From Drowning In UK

A group of four people are “fortunate to be alive” after being rescued from sea off the coast of North Yorkshire. A man slipped off the seafront walk and was beaten by big waves and as another guy tried to pull him out, he got stuck as well. Two more people who passed by tried to help and then all four of them couldn’t get out of the water.

Footage shows the group struggling to get up a soaking wet slanted sea wall, but each time they’d get pulled back into the water by strong waves. Some folks tried to toss them life rings, but the crowd finally had to form a human chain to pull the soaked souls out of the sea.

“This was a sequence of events which could so easily have led to multiple deaths,” explains Dave Cocks, local operations manager at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. “It is only through good fortune that all four were rescued alive.”


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