GOOD NEWS: As A Kid, He Wrote To A Soldier Who Ends Up Being His Boss Years

The letters Jim Johnson got from kids while serving in the middle east with the Wisconsin Army National Guard were so touching, he saved each one. And while going through the old letters recently, Johnson found one signed by a familiar name: Chris Uselding, who was just a fourth-grader when he wrote it back in 2003.

But now, Uselding is a deputy working for Johnson, who is now the sheriff of Ozaukee County in Wisconsin. Of course, Johnson didn’t know that he hired the student who had written that letter and Uselding didn’t believe it when he saw it. He didn’t remember the letter at all, but thought it was cool the sheriff still had it to share all these years later.

“It makes you realize how small the world is,” Johnson says. “It truly does.”

Source: Inside Edition

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