GOOD NEWS: Stranger Makes Bionic Arm For Girl Born Without Hand

Keira Campbell spent the first six years of her life learning how to do things with one hand because she was born with only one, but thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she’s adjusting to life with both hands. The little girl from the U.K. has a new 3D printed robotic arm that was created for her by Callum Miller, after Keira’s mom saw in the news that he’d made one for his son.

When Keira’s mom, Nikki Talbot, saw headlines about the left hand Miller made for his 10-year-old son Jamie, she reached out to him and asked if he could create one for her young daughter. Now Kiera is enjoying her new limb, using it to pick up dolls and hold a milkshake glass with both hands.

“She's becoming more independent and I just can't thank Callum enough for what he has done,” Talbot says. “I'm so grateful.”

Source: Daily Mail

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