GOOD NEWS: Stranger On Plane Adopts Woman’s Son After Chance Meeting

Families are formed in all kinds of ways and when Samantha Snipesfound herself pregnant by an abusive boyfriend, she never dreamed things would have ended up so good for that baby. When she finally left the abusive relationship, she says she was in a very dark and lonely place mentally, so she wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she had the baby.

But while on a flight to North Carolina, she was seated next to Temple Phipps. The two women talked, laughed, and bonded and Samantha says Temple was exactly the person she needed to meet when she was so terrified and alone. So when she went into labor weeks early while on that trip, Samantha called Temple for support.

Her new friend came to visit at the hospital and immediately fell in love with the newborn boy, baby Vaughn. And that connection led Samantha to ask Temple to adopt her son. The woman had always wanted kids and happily agreed, taking the infant home a few weeks later and then officially adopting him.

The women live near each other now and talk everyday. Their chance encounter has been an incredible gift to them both and to little Vaughn. “She was meant to meet me and she was meant to be his mother,” Samantha says of Temple. “It’s the most beautiful thing.”

Source: People

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