GOOD NEWS: Teens Help Rescue Boaters Off FL Keys

When two teens saw a capsized boat off the Florida Keys, they didn’t hesitate to help. Mason Baker, 17, and Will Coffin, 18, of Islamorada were out fishing with Will’s uncle when they spotted the overturned boat and went over to offer assistance.

Once they got closer, the boys saw five adults, a four-year-old boy, and an infant clinging to a capsized 23-foot boat off the coast of Plantation Key. They helped until the Coast Guard arrived half an hour later. The three-month-old baby was airlifted to EMS services, in case he ingested salt water, but no other injuries were reported.

“They never panicked and handled the rescue like it was just any other day on the water,” explains Mason’s mom, Jill Miranda-Baker. “As a parent, I am immensely proud.” Source: Inside Edition