GOOD NEWS: Happy Diner Tips $100 To Every Worker In The Kitchen

A guy visiting Chicago from Seattle enjoyed his dinner at BOKA restaurant so much, he didn’t just tip his server, but every worker in the kitchen, too. According to a Facebook post by BOKA, a man named Mike and his five dinner companions came in to eat before the show and he was so impressed by the meal, he came in the kitchen to thank everyone with cash.

Mike told restaurant staff, “This was the absolute best service and best food I have ever had.” And he showed his appreciation with a $300 tip for his server on a $769 check, and “then he walked around the kitchen and gave each of the 17 kitchen staff a crisp $100 bill.”

BOKA general manager John Leopold says it was amazing for someone to show that kind of appreciation. “It’s not just about the money,” he explains, “but spending time with people in the kitchen and telling them how wonderful of a meal it was and how important it was for the cooks to be doing what they’re doing.”

Source: Sunny Skyz

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