GOOD NEWS: Yale Is Letting Anyone Take Its Most Popular Class Ever For Free

Students have been taking classes at Yale University for 316 years, but one class reigns supreme as their most popular: their course on happiness. Nearly a quarter of the student body signed up for “Psych 157: Psychology and the Good Life” the first year it was offered and now the Ivy League school is going to let the rest of us get in on the learning - for free!

The class was so popular, Yale has decided to teach it online for free and anyone can sign up. The modified 6-week class is called “The Science of Well-Being” and it’s being taught by psychology and cognitive science professor Laurie Santos on Coursera, a free online college education platform.

“The hope is that this isn’t gonna be an ordinary class or lecture series,” Santos says in the introduction video. “This is the kind of thing that we hope will change your life in a real way.”

Source: Good News Network

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