GOOD NEWS: Track Athlete Fakes Injury To Surprise GF With Proposal

James Bryant was finishing up a run around his school’s track in Indianapolis, Indiana when he grabbed his hamstring and fell to the ground. Track officials called for training staff to come help him and Bryant’s girlfriend, Audrey Duncan, came out onto the track as well, to see how he was.

What she didn’t know was that everyone from the coaches to the press box announcer was in on Bryant’s plan. The athlete was just faking the injury to get Audrey on the track so he could pop the question. In a video of the scene, we see Audrey come over and bring Bryant a water bottle, then he asks her for a blanket and manages to get down on one knee with the ring and she was so concerned about her boyfriend being hurt, she didn’t realize what was happening.

Audrey asks Bryant, “Are you really hurt?” so he stands over her, kissing her and showing her he’s okay. “A million emotions rushed through my head at the same time. A mixture of joy, concern, and why the heck did he just throw the blanket off when I just gave it to him,” she says, adding that she felt like the luckiest girl in the world when she figured out what was happening.

Source: People

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