Single Dog Seeking Shelter

Los Cabos and Singles Dog Seeking Shelter are teaming up to find loving homes for puppies at their Cinco de Mayo event!!  

Meet our baby girl, Hope.  She was found sad and thin, wandering alone....but now, after a foster family gave her love...and, yes...HOPE...Hope is looking fat, happy and ready for ADOPTION!!!  If you have love and a place in your life, please contact "Single Dog Seeking Shelter" about adopting Hope or one of their other incredible, lovable dogs:)  

In fact, you can come see us on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, at the Los Cabos on Riverwalk in Jenks from 12-2p and see a ton of other to the foster parents that work for Single Dog Seeking and get even more info about what they do and how YOU can help.

Hope the Pug

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