Would you do the deed with a robot??

I say if there's a spark between you, why not??  Just kidding...No...just no.  ~Karla 

Forget blowup dolls...a new survey of two-thousand Americans found that 16% would have sex with a robot "frequently" if they could. Men were 21% more likely to copulate with a bot than women.

Americans aren't shy about coughing up the cash for a sexbot to fulfill all their carnal desires, either. The average American would pay $1,666, with men willing to pay $560 more for a robot than women.

And since we all have different turn-ons, it should be no surprise that we all want something different in our sexual robots.

  • 41% want ones that can talk, have memories and enjoy sentience.
  • 4% admit they'd rather do the nasty with a robot that looks more like a robot instead of a human.
  • A total of 16% say they'd rather have sex with a robot than another person,
  • ...while 13% admit they'd choose dating a robot over a human.

Of course, there's also the little matter of whether having sex with a robot is actually sex - 39% of respondents say it's actually just masturbation. There's also a question about whether or not doing the horizontal lambada with a cyborg is cheating - 30% of people say it is. And get this 0 that number skyrockets to 53% if the robot is good-looking and has a distinct personality.

Source: New York Post

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