GOOD NEWS: Boy Finds And Returns $100 Bill

Jaron Johnson was shopping at Walmart with his mom when he found a $100 bill on the ground. But the eight-year-old boy didn’t pocket the cash, he gave it directly to his mom and had her call the store to see if anyone reported losing the money.

And when mom called the Pineville, Louisiana Walmart, she found out 86-year-old James Grice had lost that 100-bucks the day before when it fell out of his wallet. The senior is on a fixed income and couldn’t buy groceries that day after losing it, so he was delighted that someone found it because he never thought he’d see it again.

Jaron met up with Grice and returned the cash and as a reward for his honesty, the elderly man gave him $20 and offered him fresh tomatoes, which happen to be the kid’s favorite. “That child right there, he’s 100% to me,” Grice says of his new buddy.

Source: KWTX

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