GOOD NEWS: Neighbors Rally For Woman Forced To Remove Rainbow Flag

A woman renting a home in a Rockledge, Florida neighborhood was surprised to get a letter from a representative of the homeowner’s association asking her to remove a rainbow flag from her house. Jennifer Raymond says her landlord got the letter that compared the flag to “other offensive flags,” like the confederate flag.

But as Raymond pointed out, "The Confederacy supported slavery, the rainbow flag is a symbol of equality and acceptance of all.” So the ban didn’t make sense to her, but when the story got out, the HOA for the neighborhood assured Raymond that she could keep her flag and that the person who wrote the letter was acting on their own without their permission. And then within a day, multiple rainbow flags started showing in front of her neighbor’s homes, including board members of the HOA.

Then over the weekend, a few dozen neighbors gathered for a rally in Raymond’s yard. It was the HOA’s idea to reinforce the message of support and equality in the community.

Source: WFTV

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