GOOD NEWS: Bride Has Dream Wedding After Lung Transplant

After growing up with cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening and rare disorder that causes the cells that produce sweat and mucus to get thicker in the organs, Katelyn Strube-Bohaty needed a lung transplant as a young woman. People with cystic fibrosis often deal with bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis, wheezing and shortness of breath, and Katelyn suffered with those before she had a double lung transplant that saved her life.

She was initially hesitant about having the surgery, but being in love with her boyfriend at the time, Brent, and wanting a future with him helped her decide. Katelyn says she knew she had to take the leap of faith to have more time with Brent, and after he proposed, she had a successful double lung transplant.

The happy couple then had their “fairytale” wedding. “It was just magical in every single way and I could just feel my donor’s presence,” Katelyn explains. “I could just feel so much spirit around me and just happiness. It was just a magical day on all levels.”

Source: People

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