GOOD NEWS: Woman Stole From Tip Jar, Now They’re Collecting For Her

When the owners of Holey Schmidt Donuts in Reno, Nevada posted surveillance video on Facebook showing a woman stealing cash from their tip jar, they weren’t trying to bring her to justice. They wanted people to bring donations in for her.

"While we are saddened by this, we also realize that if someone is in a place in their life where they are desperate enough to steal from hard working employees, they are probably pretty down and out," owners Galen and Cadi Schmidt posted on their Facebook page. "At Holey Schmidt Donuts we prefer to spread kindness.”

The owners don’t know if they’ll find the woman on the video, but they’re collecting food donations to give to her if they do. And customers who bring in non-perishable and non-expired food items score a discount this week, so it’s a win-win.

Source: RGI

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